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Figlia, a non-alcoholic beverage brand, was born out of founder Lily Geiger's desire to help foster a more honest and inclusive conversation around alcohol consumption. After losing her father to alcoholism, she wanted to create a brand that felt fresh and inviting while also underscoring the idea that you don't have to drink to have fun. RoAndCo partnered with Lily to develop the brand's identity, e-commerce website, packaging design, and art direction.

  • Art Direction
  • Print
  • Brand Identity
  • E-commerce
  • Packaging
  • Web Design
Figlia LogoFiglia Logo

Brand Identity

Figlia's brand identity celebrates living a clean lifestyle without sacrificing fun. The distinct yet simple nature of the logo creates a sense of sophistication and credibility. The color palette balances neutrals with a pop of red to signify power — the power to pass on alcohol. The classic and utilitarian typography speaks to the effortlessly cool factor of the people that drink Figlia.

Figlia Bottle Figlia Bottle
Figlia BrandingFiglia Branding
Figlia LogoFiglia Logo
Figlia non alcoholoic aperitivoFiglia non alcoholoic aperitivo

Art Direction

The art direction is a nod to the nostalgic nightlife scene of the 70s as well as the perfectly imperfectness of everyday life, but through a Figlia lens — all the glam, without the regrets.


Web Design

RoAndCo designed a digital experience that was a reflection of the brand's distinct vibe: sophisticated yet playful, inviting, and informative. This unique website highlights the product as well as the founder’s story, creating an intimate web experience.

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