Founder and Chief Creative Director

Roanne founded RoAndCo in 2006 to create and collaborate with the people who inspire her. The studio quickly gained recognition for Roanne’s intrepid ability to build successful, scalable brands for entrepreneurs from the ground up before expanding to service larger lifestyle clients such as Google and Estée Lauder.

She still loves connecting directly with founders, helping them envision, create, and launch their brands. For Roanne, creativity comes from within and thrives through connection and collaboration. Idealistic and optimistic, creative and strategic, empathetic and organized, as Roanne evolves, so does her practice. She finds purpose as Chief Creative Director, inspiring people to expand their consciousness and tap into their personal well of creativity.

Most in her flow when helping others find theirs, Roanne can sense what clients want, can see what creatives need, and help both rise to their full potential. As a female business owner — and being that only 3% of Creative Directors in the industry are female — Roanne has always made it a priority to nurture opportunities for women and elevate their seats at the table, from her work with non-profit initiatives like the Women’s March, Together We Rise, and Women Under the Influence to her honor as a UN Champion for Change in advocating for equal pay and equal say. Her vision to bring creative spirits together culminated in the founding of Romance Journal, a biannual publication devoted to raising collective consciousness through a female lens. She has extended its roots with the launch of A State of Feeling, an insightful conversation series that reveals the truths inherent in personal and collective states and examines leadership through creativity and business (see about statement below). Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards including ADC’s Young Guns 9, has served on the Board of Directors for AIGA’s New York chapter, and has been named by T Magazine as one of New York’s most outstanding design professionals.

With an eye for style and a skill for capturing a brand’s essence, Roanne is trusted and respected by her clients and collaborators alike. Always evolving, her creative practice unfolds with her journey to be a creative conduit for good. Energized by the visions of all she works with, she seeks to tap into their truth and co-create a better future.